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Logie, who served as chair of the DMA Board from 2011 to January 2014, led the organisation through a three-year programme of strategic redevelopment which saw membership increase by over 25 per cent to more than 1,000 members in just two years. He was instrumental in steering the DMA to winning the Ofcom tender to continue its management of the Telephone Preference Service and to strengthen its campaigning activity on crucial industry issues such as consumer data privacy. 

 As well as having a long track record of serving on numerous DMA councils and its Board, Logie has held a distinguished 25-year career in the data sector. Most recently, he has served as strategy director for Occam DM and strategic marketing director for St Ives plc. Currently, Logie is a partner at the Mothership Group and managing director of Red Wigwam. 

Julia Porter, Guardian News & Media’s director of consumer revenues, succeeded Logie as the chair of the DMA in January of this year. Porter presented Logie with the Roll of Honour before a gathering of senior representatives of the DMA’s 15 special-interest and regional councils and committees. 

Commenting on the accolade, Logie said: 

“Being in a position to serve this industry is a fantastic privilege that carries great responsibility. I look back on my achievements at the DMA with pride and I’m honoured to have led the organisation through a period of incredible change to ensure that it measures up to the challenges of representing the interests of our dynamic industry. 

“I’d like to thank my deputy Malcom Green for his outstanding assistance and I’m pleased to have handed on the baton to Julia, as the new chair, and Shaun Bailey as a supporting deputy chair who I have no doubt have the vision to lead the DMA through its next phase of development.”

Julia Porter added:  

“I want to thank Scott for leaving the DMA in such a strong position to meet the dynamic challenges of serving the needs of the 21st Century one-to-one marketing industry. 

“It’s due to the foundations that Scott laid that we’ve made great progress in strengthening our representation of the digital sectors, as well as the level of service we offer our members. His place on the DMA Roll of Honour is truly deserved.”


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