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5 ways to get the most out of your new DMA website

We hope you’re enjoying your new website. It’s great to see that a few of you have started adding content using our new ‘Contribute’ tool, as that’s what the new website is all about. Allow me to take you on a quick tour of the site to help you get the very most...

The House of Cards effect: Why data and creativity should go hand in hand

Data is a dirty word within creative departments, grouped with its awkward cousins, inspection, measurement and tracking. It is perceived as a barrier to progress and the lifeblood of those who wish to control and monitor creativity. To me, this attitude is ridiculous.  

5 ways the DMA guides will make your life easier, more productive and more profitable

The redesigned DMA guides offer you a practical platform on which to build your one-to-one marketing success. They support the DMA Code, giving you a gateway to understanding how to do one-to-one marketing the right way - for every channel and every sector.

Are you being successful without using any paid social media strategies - poll results

As the social media council we hold a monthly poll to get insight in to organisations real thoughts and feedback on a wide range of social media related topics. Last month was the interesting subject of paid social media presence and how successful people have been with or without paying for...

EU Data Protection reform is looming

EU Data Protection reform is well and truly on its way, but how will marketers adapt to the new stricter regulations? It's not something to ignore and you can't risk non-compliance, so make sure you brush up on what's happening!

Introducing the new DMA Code

We have fundamentally re-designed the DMA Code to work intuitively for both marketers and customers. This approach to self-regulation recognises the need to focus on principles that go above and beyond compliance with the law.

HMRC, VAT and the DMA

A short blog outlining the recent confusion around VAT on postage, and whether it is zero-rated or not.  Hugely important to anyone involved in Direct Mail.

It’s time to explore your new DMA

Your DMA has evolved. The DMA's executive director, Chris Combemale, introduces the big changes: a brand new community-focused website, the launch of the DMA Code, a principles-based one that puts the customer first, and all the tools you need to drive business growth.