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US think tanks publish best practices on mobile app privacy

16 Jul 2012 3:18 BST Back
US think tanks publish best practices on mobile app privacy
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Two US think tanks have published a set of best practices which mobile app developers can use to protect users’ privacy.

The Future of Privacy Forum (FBF) and the Center for Democracy and Technology released a set of best practices on 11 July 2012. 

This follows a study by the two groups, released earlier this month which found that many app developers had responded to pressure from regulators. More and more of them are introducing app privacy policies and new policies surrounding the use of customers’ private data. 

The best practice document lists seven basic steps for building data privacy into a mobile app. This includes making the privacy policy easily accessible – for example by linking it from an app listing page. 

Of the top 25 free apps Apple’s app store, 48% link from the app listing page to their privacy policy as do 28% of paid apps. 

The report also urges mobile app developers to empower users by allowing them to choose and control the way their data is collected and used. 

The main message is openness and transparency – use clear and simple language to communicate with users.  

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou 

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