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Social media a major driver of customer loyalty

29 Aug 2012 10:12 BST Back
Social media a major driver of customer loyalty
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Social media is a key driver of customer loyalty, according to an annual survey by The Logic Group. 

The annual survey on the state of customer loyalty among UK adults signals a sea change in brand engagement through social media, how and when customers receive offers and rewards as well as a need for instant rewards. 

Facebook is the dominant social media channel, with 22% of respondents saying that they have visited the Facebook page of a company they are loyal to. And, 27% say they will visit the Facebook site of companies they are loyal to. 

Although Twitter has seen less activity (only 8% have followed a company on Twitter they feel loyal to) the figure looks set to double – 16% say they will follow companies they are loyal to on Twitter in a year’s time. 

Loyalty offers are also growing on social media, with 9% of respondents saying they have received a loyalty offer via a social networking site.

With 24% of British adults saying they will use their phones to check product details/product reviews in store in a year’s time, social media use on mobile will be a key medium to help drive customer loyalty.

The survey also found that 42% of shoppers prefer to receive offers while shopping not afterwards.

Antony Jones, CEO of The Logic Group comments: “The technological changes we are seeing in society today are bringing real benefits to customers’ interactions with loyalty programmes. As such, consumers are no longer only interested in reaping the benefits from traditional card-based programmes, but are looking to alternatives such as social media and real-time discounting to stay loyal.”

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou

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