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SMS spam threatens mobile marketing

27 Jun 2011 2:03 BST Back
SMS spam threatens mobile marketing

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Nearly half of mobile customers (43%) have received unsolicited SMS spam promoting accident claims or mis-selling financial services, according to a recent DMA survey into consumer experience of SMS spam.

Commenting on the results of the survey, which was conducted by the DMA and Toluna QuickSurveys, DMA chief of operations Mike Lordan said: “This is obviously causing great frustration for those mobile phone owners who are being plagued by spam, and it’s also causing serious damage to the legitimate mobile marketing industry.

“If spam is allowed to continue unchecked, then consumers will naturally become hostile to all mobile marketing messages.”

The survey also reveals that confusion reigns over who to turn to when people want to complain.

Most people, a massive 46%, say they have no idea who they would complain to, 17% would complain to their network provider, 20% to Ofcom, 9% to the Office of Fair Trading, 4% to the Ministry of Justice and 3% to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

And government regulators have yet to decide which one of them is responsible for dealing with this type of spam. “It’s vital that the regulators now take action,” says Mike. We, the DMA, have already offered our expertise to work out a solution to the problem and help the regulatory bodies to step up and take the initiative.”

Recently, the DMA hosted a roundtable discussion with representatives from Ofcom, Ministry of Justice, Information Commissioner’s Office and Office of Fair Trading to address the issue of identifying who is or should be responsible for clamping down on SMS spam. All agreed on the need for clarification for consumers. The group will be convening again next month to discuss the next steps.

Posted by Neil Turner

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