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Seabrook Crisps breaks Facebook rules

26 Oct 2011 4:01 BST Back
Seabrook Crisps breaks Facebook rules
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Seabrook Crisps has had to pull a Facebook competition only a day after its launch because it breached the social media site’s terms and conditions.

As reported by The Drum, Facebook fans were offered the chance to win a year’s supply of crisps by changing their profile picture to the Seabrook logo for seven days.

However, Facebook’s rules on promotions prohibit brands from asking users to change their profile picture and Seabrook has been forced to cancel the competition and apologise.

In a message posted on its Facebook page today, Seabrook said: “We have unfortunately had to close our competition to win a year’s supply of crisps due to an oversight of how the competition fits in with Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Seabrook would like to apologise to everyone who entered and ask for you to revert your profile picture back to another image.”

Blogger and prolific competition enterer SuperLuckyDi criticised the promotion and drew attention to the fact that it breached Facebook rules.

Her Super Lucky blog said: “As well as being unimaginative and lazy, this promotion violates Facebook Promotions Guidelines in a big way. It’s not using an App and it requires people to change their profile photo.

“Think about it, the prize of a year’s supply of crisps is probably costing Seabrook less than £50. And what are they getting for that? Hundreds of Facebook fans advertising them across Facebook for a whole week! It sounds clever, but it's preying on the gullibility of Facebook users.”

Seabrook admitted its mistake on its Facebook page: “In looking for fresh competition ideas we are always willing to try something new but on this occasion we’ve made a mistake, we sincerely apologise to all of our fans for this."

In addition, the company’s PR firm, Propaganda, issued the following statement today:

“With regards to the recent coverage of the Seabrook Crisps Facebook competition, Propaganda would like to state that Seabrook Crisps manage their social media updates via an in-house team and we had no involvement with the competition before it went onto Facebook. Propaganda identified the issue and advised our client accordingly – ensuring Facebook guidelines and social media best practice are adhered to. 

“The support from the Seabrook Facebook community has been very positive and shows that an open and honest approach to the situation has been welcomed by the fans of the brand.”

Posted by

Sarah Wright

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