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Royal Mail delays decision on stamping its mark on mail

26 Jul 2011 3:20 BST Back
Royal Mail delays decision on stamping its mark on mail

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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has welcomed Royal Mail’s announcement that it is now ‘taking additional time’ to consider its proposal to stamp all bulk mail with the message ‘Delivered by the Royal Mail’.

Before Royal Mail made its announcement today (26 July), the mailing industry was on a two-month notice period until its new initiative was due to come into effect.

The industry has reacted with a mixture of horror and anger at the proposals, with many direct mail service providers and clients complaining about ceding control of the area of the envelope that is reserved for their branding and messaging. Many others have argued that the short notice period would leave them out of pocket from having to change creative work and scrapping stockpiles of printed envelopes.

The DMA has been one of the most vocal critics of Royal Mail’s proposed scheme, pointing out that Royal Mail has failed to consult its customers and other organisations that have a vested interest in bulk mail before announcing its intentions. The DMA has galvanised support for its objections from its member companies and petitioned the postal regulator Postcomm to intervene.

Speaking on behalf of the DMA, Alex Walsh, head of postal and environmental affairs, said:

“We’re delighted that our actions have resulted in extending the period of time Royal Mail says it will take before implementing its plans. It gives us more breathing space to continue the fight to establish the principle that Royal Mail shouldn’t add anything to their customers' mail that isn't strictly required for operational reasons.

“We have no problem with the concept providing it’s only done with the full agreement of their customers. We’re pleased that our actions have had a positive effect and that Royal Mail has responded to industry concerns.”
DMA PR manager
Tristan Garrick
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