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Poorly timed social media and email campaigns are reducing marketers' ROI

27 Jun 2012 2:29 BST Back
Poorly timed social media and email campaigns are reducing marketers' ROI
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Marketers are failing to maximise user engagement and the ROI of their social media and email campaigns by mis-timing the day and hours of their general release, according to new research by email software provider, Yesmail.

The company tracked the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email activities of top retailers such as Gap, Diesel, Banana Republic and Abercrombie & Fitch, over a three-month period and found that many of them were missing a trick by not matching their campaign launches with their target audience's patterns of engagement with these social media.

In a breakdown of the findings by channel, the research found that the majority of Twitter campaigns are released on a Friday which is the least engaging day for audience engagement with this channel. What's more 84% of brand tweets are released during the regular working hours of 9am-7pm (EST) but customer engagement is at its highest early in the morning between 5am-8am (EST).

The report found that the most interactions on YouTube occur on Mondays. but it's the least utilised weekday for campaign releases.

Facebook campaigns see the highest level of engagement on Tuesdays but this is the fourth most popular day for marketers to release their messaging, and while most post between 11am-1pm (EST) the highest levels of audience engagement with this channel are between the hours of 10pm and midnight (EST).

Attention was also drawn to email's potential to increase customer interaction when used as a prompt to a social media launch or if sent at the same time as the message is released on a social channel.

On Facebook, engagement grew by almost 50 per cent when one email campaign was deployed on the same day and by 100% when two email campaigns were deployed. While Twitter campaign engagement levels increased 25% with one email campaign and 40% with two.

"While marketers have plenty of tools at their disposal to put multi-channel strategies in place, they have been slow to harness the power of customer data available to them," says Yesmail's president, Michael Fisher. "When properly collected and analysed, this type of digital intelligence provides in-depth, actionable insights that can definitively improve a brand’s marketing strategy," he adds.

To view the full report “Using Digital Market Intelligence to Drive Multichannel Success,” visit

Posted by Alison McClintock

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