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Olympics volunteers face social media ban

06 Jan 2012 2:20 GMT Back
Olympics volunteers face social media ban
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Olympic organisers, LOCOG have just announced a set of social media rules for the 70,000 Game Makers who are volunteering during this summer’s Games. 

Gudelines on the LOCOG website states that Game Makers are not allowed to use social media to share their experience. They can say that they are a taking part in the Games but are prohibited from sharing any specific details about their role as volunteers, the athletes or celebrities they meet. 

Social media, blogging and internet rules that appear on the Games Makers’ area of the LOCOG website state that volunteers are not allowed to:

  • Disclose their location
  • Post an image or video of restricted areas (eg backstage)
  • Disclose breaking news about an athlete or the event
  • Reveal the attendance of a celebrity, VIP guest or other dignitary at an event
  • Discuss the Games in detail online

However, they can retweet official London 2012 messages. 

According to a report on the i-volunteer website, some volunteers are unhappy about this decision and it is causing much discussion on social networking sites. 

A LCOG spokesman told the BBC that the rules were “standard” and said they had been put in place for the good of the event. 

Posted by

Nicola Carpenter

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