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Is marketing data under threat?

23 Feb 2012 3:44 GMT Back
Is marketing data under threat?
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Today, six of the world’s tech giants including Google, Apple and Microsoft agreed to take steps to protect consumers’ privacy when downloading apps. 

This comes as no surprise, as US and European legislators turn up the heat on organisations to protect people’s privacy online

Data privacy also looks set to dominate this year’s DMA data conference on 1 March.

Data experts from government and business circles will be debating the crucial question. How can we achieve the right balance between protecting the individual’s right to privacy and the right of businesses to collect and use data

Here’s a sneak peek at what some of our speakers will be covering at next week’s data conference. 

RedEye’s Mark Patron will explain why he welcomes EU data privacy reforms, even the more controversial elements such as consumers’ right to be forgotten. 

Barclays’ Fedelma Good will ask how ready UK plc is for the 26 May cookie compliance deadline. She’ll be looking at how browser settings can help and show what a privacy and cookies statement should look like. 

Cookies are broken and we should celebrate their demise,” says Matthew Tod, CEO Logan Tod & Co. He’ll be explaining why as he unveils a new way to measure and track across channels. 

The Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham will also give his views on the latest data privacy developments in the UK and in Brussels. 

You can follow the DMA data conference on Twitter, #dmadata

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Smarayda Christoforou 

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