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Many people still prefer physical post

23 Aug 2011 10:44 BST Back
Many people still prefer physical post
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Over half of people still prefer receiving bills and financial statements by mail according to a recent national poll.

A poll by the Envelope Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (EMSA) reveals that 54% of people want to continue receiving important documents such as bills and financial statements by mail, rather than solely online. And 73% would like to receive them by post and online. 

Although 76% of survey respondents used the internet, they showed a strong preference for receiving important documents by mail, particularly among members of public aged 45 and older. 

“The mail continues to provide an important delivery vehicle for critical financial information and even internet-savvy citizens are reluctant to eliminate it,” said Keith Bartlett, the Chairman of EMSA. 

While internet usage in the UK, according to government statistics, now includes 73% of households, it is important to recognise that one in four households remains offline. 

“The postal system remains a critical lifeline for important services and will continue to play this role for many years,” said Bartlett.

This survey data reminds us to proceed cautiously as we consider policies that affect the viability of the post and our citizens’ access to critical information.

EMSA conducted this survey of more than 1,000 adults between 10 June and 30 June 2011.

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Nicola Carpenter

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