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Harnessing the power of brand conversations

12 Feb 2013 10:53 GMT Back
Harnessing the power of brand conversations
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New research by inTV shows that 90% of brand conversations between consumers happen offline, with less than 5% taking place in social media.

The research into word of mouth marketing also found that 83% of conversations about products and services take place with family and friends. 

Nearly a quarter (28%) of conversations are with colleagues, 10% with business contacts and only 4% with social media contacts

And, 91% of these conversations include talk about brands. 

In five of the six sectors surveyed, brand conversations were more positive than negative.

Banking/finance was the most talked about sector, with 68% of respondents discussing this on a monthly basis.

Apple was the most talked about brand, accounting for 70% of conversations in the smartphone/tablet sector, followed by Samsung at 53%.  

The results demonstrate the power of consumers as brand transmitters, in particular brand champions

Brand champions are 40% more likely than average to trigger others to look up information on products and brands. 

They are also 90% more likely to convince others to choose a certain brand and one and a half times more likely than average to make them buy or try a certain brand. 

Top three most talked about brands by category 

(Q Thinking about that category, which brand have you had a conversation about in the last four weeks?)

Automotive Airlines Watches Destination
Santander 30% Apple 70%

Audi 39%

Air France 38%

Rolex 42%

USA 45%

Santander 30% Samsung 53% Volkswagen 35%British Airways 36%Omega 31%Australia 25%
Allianz 17%BlackBerry 17%
BMW  34%
Lufthansa 35%Swatch 30%Canada 20%

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Posted by 

Smarayda Christoforou

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