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Growth in first 6 years crucial for social networks

23 Nov 2012 12:40 GMT Back
Growth in first 6 years crucial for social networks
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Silverpop researched 20 leading social networks to try and gain a clearer understanding of trends in social network growth. 

Nine of the 11 key social networks grew in their first three years and five of these same companies grew over the next three years. 

Twitter saw the biggest growth between the pivotal third and fourth years, becoming eight times bigger. Facebook comes in second, becoming six times bigger while Tumblr got four times bigger. 

LinkedIn is the only social network with 100 million users that has never tripled its size year on year. 

To date, the top three are Facebook with one billion users, Twitter (500 million) and Google+ with 400 million only a year after its launch.

Silverpop created categories for the differing growth patterns, from the 100 million-user club and rising stars to steady freddies and child prodigies.  


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Smarayda Christoforou




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