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Generation gap re-emerges in willingness to data share

26 Jun 2012 12:56 BST Back
Generation gap re-emerges in willingness to data share
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A new generation gap is emerging - it's not clothes or music related, it's data-driven, a survey by Informatica Corp reveals. The data integration specialist commissioned You Gov to poll 2,000 consumers on their attitudes to sharing their personal data with businesses in May of this year.

Overall, UK consumers reveal themselves short on trust when it comes to sharing personal information. Some 46% saw data-sharing as a way for firms to invade their privacy, while only 35% believe companies would use it in ways approved by them. What’s more 30% believe they’ve had previous experience of firms exploiting their data, either by it being passed on to third parties without their permission or having it used to discriminate against them.

However, the survey also revealed the emergence of a younger, data-savvy generation of consumers who are willing to share their information if they’re given good reasons by businesses to do so.

Some 59% of the 18-24 year olds and 48% of the 25-34 year olds agreed that if companies provided clear explanations of why they wanted their personal data, and what it will be used for, they would be more inclined to give it to them. Moreover, 35% of this demographic stated that they were comfortable with sharing personal information in exchange for more tailored offers, while only 25% of the 45s and over were comfortable with this practice.

“There’s an opportunity here for organisations to be more transparent with consumers when it comes to how they plan to use their personal information and what’s in it for the consumer,’ commented Informatica’s chief marketing officer, Chris Boorman on the survey’s findings. ‘Achieve this, and companies can forge stronger relationships with their customers.’

The importance of trust and transparency in consumers’ decision to share their personal data with firms was also highlighted in a recent DMA survey Data privacy: What the consumer really thinks, carried out by Future Foundation. Here, the results showed that for 58%, trust was the most important factor as to whether or not to share information, with 85% looking to control their information and exchange it for benefits and services when it suited them.

"Insight into what consumers regard as private, what they’re willing to exchange and under what circumstances, should underpin marketing strategies," says Chris Combemale, chief executive of the DMA. "The balance of power is now tilted towards consumers. They alone have the ability to choose who they share their information with, so it’s down to brands to give them a compelling reason to do so."

Posted by Alison McClintock


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