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Fashion brands top social media charts

25 Jul 2011 1:17 BST Back
Fashion brands top social media charts

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ASOS has attracted more new followers across Twitter and Facebook in the last three months than any other retailer. 

According to the eDigitalResearch Social Media Benchmark study, the pure play retailer has won nearly 500,000 new Facebook fans since April 2011– around 100,000 more than any other retailer in the top 20. 

ASOS has also attracted an additional 66,000 followers on Twitter, more than double than any other retailer. This puts ASOS just 18,000 behind the leading UK brand on Twitter – Topshop.  

Topshop is also the top Facebook brand, with more than 1.5 million fans. The study looks at what makes brands like Topshop and ASOS so successful on Facebook and Twitter

Tesco jumped 25 places to number 11 with over 200,000 new followers, proving that late adopters can still make an impact with the right campaign.  

The top 20 retailers attract almost eight million fans on Facebook. Fashion brands dominate the league tables on both platforms. The study showcases their social media activity, which involve constantly reinventing pages with updated content and new features.

12 out of the top 20 Facebook branded pages are actively selling to followers either directly or by pushing them back to product pages on websites. Brands are looking to turn fans into real customers. 

The study also analyses what drives customer engagement. It considers concepts such as the Facebook Community and why brands need to create fun and engaging pages that appeal to their customer base. This can include Facebook stores (F-commerce), interactive features and two-way dialogue with customers to build loyalty. 

The study also reveals a number of new trends on Facebook as retailers begin to truly understand the site – for example some are only offering exclusive content to those who hit the ‘like’ button. This creates a sense of community and increases the brand’s reach through people’s profile pages wall posts and link sharing.

Retailers need to understand how to communicate with online shoppers across social media platforms. This will make users more willing to engage with brands within their own personal online space. 

Derek Eccleston, research director at eDigitalResearch says: “Social media continues to prove popular with consumers and cements the importance for retailers and UK brands of having a presence across these platforms.

“We’ve already seen from our previous research that a small, yet significant, percentage of UK consumers are beginning to use social media as an opportunity to shop and browse. We would expect this number to grow and grow in the coming months.”

Posted by

Sarah Wright

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