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Facebook follows Google with launch of search result ads

23 Aug 2012 11:10 BST Back
Facebook follows Google with launch of search result ads
Facebook web page

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Facebook has announced the official launch of Sponsored Results, the search ad program it began testing last month. 

To a degree it follows in the footsteps of Google except advertisers will bid for pages, apps, or places rather than keywords. 

Sponsored Results allows marketers to target users searching for specific apps, page or person in Facebook’s search box. 

The Sponsored Results will show up before natural search results but will be restricted to Facebook’s desktop app for the time being. 

As TechCrunch explains, Facebook has made some alterations to the Sponsored Results design since they first begin testing them so that its’ clear that they are paid marketing. They appear in a separate, black-bordered section in the typehead results. 

Only time will tell how helpful will Facebook's Sponsored Results be for advertisers. However, as TechCrunch points out, people use the Facebook search box in a different way to Google. They’re usually looking for something very specific – a game or app rather than looking for inspiration. 

A Facebook announcement on Wednesday 22 August said: “Every day many people on Facebook use our search to find people, places and things… Sponsored Results gives brands the ability to buy ads in search results, bringing more awareness and traffic to your App, Page or Place.”

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou

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