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Facebook cost per click prices up 54%

11 Oct 2011 3:18 BST Back
Facebook cost per click prices up 54%
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Facebook cost per click ad prices rose by 54% between the second and third quarter of 2011. 

Facebook ad spend is also up by 25% quarter on quarter, highlighting that top marketers are continuing to invest in social media. 

The figures were released in a new report by Efficient Frontier and Context Optional. 

This steep rise reflects more advertiser competition on Facebook and follows news of improved effectiveness on the social media giant’s site. 

A separate report by marketing agency TBG Digital found that Facebook ad click-through rates have increased by 18.5%. 

Facebook is making more money per 1,000 impressions but advertisers are paying less per click,” Simon Mansell, TBG chief executive, told the “The only way that can happen is if more people are clicking on the ad.”

Brands are also better at targeting their ads to the right people, and are using new social ad Facebook products and data about user demographics and interests. 

Facebook has just launched its iPad app. However,  Facebook spokesperson Anni Ta told ClickZ News that the new app will not include ads for time being. 

Posted by 

Neil Turner

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