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Email boosts display ad recall

07 Jul 2011 5:22 BST Back
Email boosts display ad recall

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Research shows that email marketing improves the performance of display ads, boosting recall by 13%. 

A study by email services provider eCircle in partnership with Nielsen analysed the performance of a campaign for the SEAT Ibiza ST. 

For the study, 1,000 consumers were targeted with digital display adverts, email marketing or a combination of both. 

As well as improving advertising recall by 13%, the results also revealed that the intention to buy rises by 47% when email is added to a display campaign. 

Respondents were also asked whether they would forward good newsletter offers to friends; almost half of email recipients surveyed indicated they would forward on email offers to friends and acquaintances, suggesting viral effects significantly improve the reach of a campaign. 

The results suggest that companies looking for brand awareness and sales in their online advertising campaign could be better off by adding email (a highly targeted direct marketing tool) as an element to their banner campaigns. 

Volker Viewer, CEO, eCircle said: “This research shows that many consumers prefer a multi-channel approach, with the combination of email and display advertising working together to significantly increase their disposition to buy. Email can be more targeted and personalised to the individual receiving it, so I’m not surprised that the results show email is highly effective at driving awareness and generating sales.

“Brands need to consider their options for online marketing carefully – combining different elements of digital marketing well can have a significant impact, in this case display advertising and email quadrupled traffic to the SEAT website.”

Posted by 

Nicola Carpenter

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