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Digital marketing drives ad recovery

15 Jun 2011 4:20 BST Back
Digital marketing drives ad recovery

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Online marketing is driving growth in UK’s advertising market according to a new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The report forecasts that the UK’s advertising market as a whole will grow by 4.8% to £17.7 billion by 2015. Digital marketing will see the largest individual growth (a rise of 11.2%), making it the only sector of the UK market set for double digit growth.

Search marketing is already a strong driver of growth but social networking and classified ad spending will also grow in importance as more companies put a greater percentage of their marketing spend into online campaigns.

The PwC study also predicts that customers will spend more on media, with £9.2 billion forecast to be spent on internet access to media channels and a further £32.7 billion spent on purchasing media and entertainment (a rise of 2.7%).

Phil Stokes, head of entertainment and media at PwC told Marketing Week: ”With advertising revenues returning to pre-recession levels, the advertising pound is being spent in many new and different ways.

“Product placement, sophisticated social media campaigns and internet advertising are all becoming part of truly multimedia campaigns for advertisers who are themselves involved in a dynamic conversation with their customers.”
Stokes told The Independent that the new figures heralded a “golden age for the digitally empowered customer.”

Posted by Nicola Carpenter

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