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Digital marketers give cookie law thumbs down

14 Mar 2012 4:38 GMT Back
Digital marketers give cookie law thumbs down
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The vast majority (82%) of digital marketers think the cookies law is bad for the web according to a recent Econsultancy survey. One respondent went as far as to say “this change will kill online sales”.

Econsultancy surveyed more than 700 marketers for their opinions on the EU e-Privacy Directive (aka cookies law) and to find out what they are doing ahead of the 25 May cookie compliance deadline

Despite their opposition, 67% are aware of the date the cookies law comes into force and 57% of respondents have read the e-Privacy Directive.

While 64% have read the Information Commissioner’s Office guidance on cookies, some feel it needs more practical advice. 

Just over half (54%) have carried out a cookie edit ahead of the compliance deadline but many are coming up against operational challenges. For example, one respondent said they had about 200 websites built by a variety of suppliers, which is making the audit long and arduous. 

Just over a third (39%) say they understand how to gain consent to use cookies.

However, marketers aren’t confident that consumers understand what cookies are and how to give their consent. Only 7% think that users will understand what cookies are. 

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou

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