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Creatives work the longest hours

24 Jan 2012 4:45 GMT Back
Creatives work the longest hours
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A new survey by Mars Drinks UK reveals that creatives work the longest hours and have a shorter lunch break than other office workers, but are happy in their jobs. 

The average creative works for around 40 minutes more than non-creatives (eight hours 13 minutes vs seven hours 34 minutes) and takes a slightly shorter lunch break (24-minutes vs 28-minutes). And, over a third of office workers eat lunch at their desk. 

Yet, 50% said they are happy in their jobs and only 6% hate where they work.  

The survey also found marketing professionals to be the happiest office workers in the UK, and they are more likely to get on with their colleagues. Only 0.67 conflicts take place on an average day, which is lower than the national average of 1.06.  

Over half (60%) of marketers said they were happy where they worked and only 2% hated their job. 

Marketers spend around 10 minutes checking Facebook and Twitter – two minutes more than the national average and they spend two minutes more reading personal emails. 

Jenni Morgan, trade marketing manager for Mars Drinks UK, said: “Our results show that we are working longer hours than before but this has not dented our enjoyment of the job.” 

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou


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