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Percepta UK Ltd

Morrisons Court
20 Buchanan Street
United Kingdom
G1 3LH

Tel: 0141 571 3406
Creating Customer Loyalty. Percepta is a full-service, customer loyalty company. We work with our clients to help them establish and maintain strong, enduring relationships with their current and prospective customers. We do this through a variety of custom programmes designed to provide our clients’ customers with a better and more satisfying consumer experience. With headquarters in the USA and UK, we have offices in 14 countries, serving 21 markets and speaking over 17 languages, each tasked with looking after customer experiences for some of the world’s largest and most recognised brands. 1. Customer Insight – research, survey, analysis, change planning 2. Multichannel Contact – customer relations, lead management, customer welcome & brand assurance 3. Customer Experience Design – advice and project services to support the development of customer journey & experiences

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