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Granby Marketing Services

Granby House
Stanley Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 01254 682 702
GRANBY IS AN AWARD –WINNING PROVIDER OF BRAND SUPPORT SERVICES WE OFFER A COMPLETE RANGE OF INTEGRATED MULTI-CHANNEL CONTACT HANDLING OUTSOURCING AND FULFILMENT SERVICES. All fulfilment services are managed from our secure operations centre using a highly experienced team and quality driven processes to provide rapid, reliable implementation supported by the best real-time management information systems in this sector SCOPe. Granby provides leading –edge fulfilment services to blue-chip clients and promotional marketing companies such as Sainsbury’s, Compare the Market, L’Oreal, Scottish Power, Coca Cola and Kimberly Clark plus public sector organisations The Department of Education and Transport for London. Whether you require intelligent customer service, telemarketing, outsourcing fulfilment, high volume promotional response management or efficient point-of-sale kit assembly and distribution in the UK, you can trust Granby to deliver your project with total commitment and professionalism.

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