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26 Shenley Pavilions
Chalkdell Drive
Shenley Wood
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Tel: 01908 340 990
With over 15 years of experience using website data to create highly targeted email marketing, our unique email marketing services help clients understand their online users and target them in the most effective way possible. As the leader in behavioural email we integrate website data with email marketing to send relevant and targeted email communication based on a user's individual online behaviour. The biggest block to rolling out a successful behavioural email campaign is the integration of data. RedEye’s unique Digital Marketing Hub overcomes this. Our single integrated database enables clients to collect all website, channel, email and transactional data and hold it in one place. This Digital Marketing Hub allows marketers to segment data by hundreds of variables (e.g. purchase history, email engagement, content viewed). This high level of segmentation gives online marketers the ability to send extremely targeted and relevant email communication. Unlike remarketing solutions, RedEye’s service does not rely on third party data and is therefore affordable, scalable and able to develop campaigns into complete automated lifecycle marketing programmes. RedEye’s sophisticated email solutions help clients solve deliverability problems, achieve whitelist status and generate significant ROI. In the past two years RedEye has won 3 awards for ‘Best use of Email’ and received the award for ‘Most Effective Online Campaign Optimiser’ at the ECMOD Supplier of the Year Awards. We pride ourselves on providing a specialised team dedicated to helping clients achieve their online business goals. Clients include Skype, Ford, Radley, Superdry, Interflora, Monarch, Haven, Budget and esure.

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