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Social Media Council

Social Media Council

The DMA's Social Media Council promotes the use of social media as a dynamic direct marketing channel. The Council's goal is to enhance the social media capabilities and ROI of DMA members through developing best practice, producing cutting edge research and hosting knowledge and insight events.

Over the past few years, social media has reshaped the online world. The foundation of social media lies in the creation of networks of friends, families and colleagues. However, while the likes of Facebook and Twitter were first created as platforms for amateur user-generated content for people to share with their friends and peers, social media is now a primary channel for direct marketers.

The defining characteristics of social media - two-way communication with engaged networks of likeminded people, and the ability to share self-produced content - is what renders it an inviting marketing channel. Social media offers brands and direct marketers the opportunity to participate in these targeted communities in socially acceptable ways that generates a measurable consumer response and reduces the cost of sales.

Today, the opportunities for marketers are extraordinary. Social media brands such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Delicious, Google+ and all provide platforms for engagement; a new breed of monitoring and marketing solutions provide marketers with the tools to plan, execute, measure and optimise social media programmes across these platforms.

The DMA formed the Social Media Council to take the lead role in developing the nascent social media marketing sector. The Group comprises 15 senior marketers from brands, agencies and vendors who devise and implement strategy. Three hubs within the Group meet on a monthly basis to drive projects covering legislation and best practice; research and benchmarking; and communications and events.

The Council welcomes all DMA members who have a strong interest in social media.

If you’d like to find out more about the council’s work or the sector please email

List of Members

Leo Hugo, Hugo & Co

Vice Chair    
Janine Ococks, Consultant

Julie Atherton, Indicia
Joel Davis, agency:2
Tom Harding, Osborne Clarke
Tamasine Johnson, National Trust
Rupert Harrison, Possible

Co-opted Members
Simon J. Hughes, Microsoft
Adrienne Grubb, eModeration
Anna Marsden & Anna Lawlor, Social i Media 
Chris Evans, Coosto
Lynsey Sweales, SocialB
Alice Brazier, Octopus Group

Working Party Members
Alison Traboulsi, agency:2
Simeon Lando, Epsilon

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