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Countdown to cookie compliance…26 May 2012

Fri 02 March 2012 10:05 GMT
Countdown to cookie compliance…26 May 2012

cookies law



The cookie law came into force on 26 May 2011, but the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) gave UK organisations a year’s grace to comply. But time is running out… By 26 May 2012, all UK organisations must ensure their websites seek consent from visitors before using cookies or other similar technologies. 

Here's a round-up of articles on our website, including answers to frequently asked questions, advice from the DMA legal team and practical examples of what compliance might look like. You may also find the external websites listed below of use. Please note that the DMA is not responsible, nor does it endorse the content or service offering of any external website listed below.

The Cookie Law - Audit, Manage, Comply (October 2013) The Coookie Collective provide consultancy, audit and compliance software solutions to enable companies to understand, disclose and comply with their use of user data within the UK and EU regulations. Visit the website: 

Cookiepedia (October 2013) On Cookiepedia you can find general information about the different types and uses of cookies, plus guidance on how to manage them in the major browsers. Cookiepedia also provides a comprehensive overview of the cookie laws across Europe. Visitors to Cookiepedia can search for a site or a cookie by name.

How to guide: Email and Cookies Legislation (May 2012) What does the cookie law mean for email marketing? The DMA and IAB have produced joint guidance to help demystify cookies law for email marketing practitioners.

How to guide: Mobile and Cookies Legislation (May 2012) In addition to the guidance from the ICO, this paper looks at the legal, compliance, technical and best practice issues around Regulations in relation to mobile devices.

TRUSTe EU Privacy Suite (April 2012)
TRUSTe offers robust privacy solutions to address the requirements of businesses headquartered in the EU as well as companies based elsewhere that conduct business in the region. 

EU cookie law: UK government crumbles? (April 2012)
Web analytics are essential to the effective operation of government websites, says The Government Digital Service new guidance. Does this guidance get the rest of us out of a tricky situation? Glynn Davies, technical account manager at LBi and guest blogger on Econsultancy investigates. 

How ready are you for the cookie law? (April 2012)
The DMA and DataGuidance cookie survey asks a few short questions (all responses are completely confidential) about awareness, progress and the cost of complying with the cookie law.  It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey, so please do respond when you have a moment.

10 steps to managing cookies (April 2012)
In addition to the guidance from the ICO, the DMA has identified 10 steps to help guide you on your way to compliance and help demystify the rules.

Get set for cookie compliance (April 2012)
As the 26 May cookie compliance deadline looms, the DMA gives members some last-minute advice on how to ensure all cookies and equivalent technologies comply with the updated regulation. 

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published its long awaited Cookie Guide. The Information Commissioner Christopher Graham commended the guide which aims to address the issues faced by business in complying with the E-Privacy Directive.

Cookie Compliance risk assessment and monitoring (March 2012)
Cookie Reports operates an online service for website cookie auditing, monitoring and reporting. Their guide is aimed at organisations that have already started to think about how they will comply with the new rules. 

Online behavioural advertising – your questions answered (January 2012)
A new industry-wide best practice recommendation will require organisations to give people the option to opt out of online behavioural advertising (OBA) cookies, tracking their behaviour. William Blomefield, regulatory affairs manager at The Advertising Association explains what this means for UK businesses. 

ICO gives verdict on cookie compliance (January 2012)
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published its half-term report on UK cookie compliance. The Information Commissioner Christopher Graham praises what some organisations have achieved but urges others to put in more effort ahead of the 26 May 2012 compliance deadline.

ICO updated guidance on cookies (January 2012)
See practical examples of what cookie compliance looks like and how to achieve it in this summary of the ICO’s updated guidance on cookies, published in December 2011. It clarifies what UK website companies need to do in preparation for the May 2012 compliance deadline. 

Guidance notes on the privacy and electronic communications regulations 2011 (August 2011)
The DMA legal team answers some common questions about the new cookie regulations in these guidance notes. The aim is to help DMA members comply with the new cookie regulations, which came into force on 26 May 2011.

Mobile and the cookie monster (August 2011)
What does the cookie law mean for mobile marketing? With many more web browsers and hybrid web-apps, there are implementation issues for mobile marketers. Mark Brill CEO, txt4ever and chair of the DMA Mobile Marketing Council reports.

ICO Guidance December 2011
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published guidance on the rules regarding cookies and similar technologies.   The guidance will explain in detail how the rules apply for those operating websites and using cookies.

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