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Mind the gap - the CEO-marketer divide

16 Nov 2012 12:07 GMT Back
Mind the gap - the CEO-marketer divide
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80% of CEOs are dissatisfied with their marketing teams, according to a report by the Fournaise Marketing Group.

CEOs thought marketers could not adequately prove the positive business impact their marketing activities had, had lost sight of what their job really was (to generate more customer demand for their products/services), and were not business performance-obsessed enough.

The Fournaise Group polled 1,200 CEOs and senior decision makers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. 

Three-quarters (70%) of the respondents also admitted they may be partly responsible for marketers’ poor perceived business performance and reputation.

69% of CEOs admitted that over time, they had stopped imposing specific business-focused key performance objectives (KPOs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketers to achieve.

The respondents said they had steadily lost trust in the business performance of marketing departments and given up on holding them accountable. 

CEOs said they wanted to work with business-focused marketers who are 100% ROI- and performance-driven – where every marketing pound spent across all activities, channels and media is tracked and optimised to have a (proven) measurable, quantifiable and direct positive impact on the bottom line.

In contrast, 20% of CEOs are happy with their ‘ROI marketers’, marketers who are  focused on generating more customer demand, constantly tracking, boosting and reporting the actual business impact of their marketing spending, and working hard to minimise their marketing wastage.

These CEOs admitted business-savvy ROI marketers have a solid influence within their organisations, are trusted by the top management, are perceived as key players when it comes to revenue/profit generation, and have been identified to be groomed for bigger things.

“Whether we like it or not, what CEOs are telling us is clear cut: they don’t trust traditional marketers, they don't expect much from them, said Jerome Fontaine, Fournaise's global CEO.

“CEOs have to deliver shareholder value. Period. So they want no-nonsense ROI Marketers, they want business performance, they want results. 

“At the end of the day, marketers have to stop whining about being misunderstood by CEOs, and have to start remembering that their job is to generate customer demand and to deliver performance.” 

Posted by 

Smarayda Christoforou

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