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Will Facebook and Nielsen boost online advertising?

17 Aug 2011 1:17 BST Back
Will Facebook and Nielsen boost online advertising?
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A new data partnership between Nielsen and Facebook will give online marketers and advertisers the kind of insights that the TV industry has had for decades. 

On Monday (15 August) Nielsen, best known for its television ratings system, launched its Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) system in the US. 

It will allow advertisers and marketers to measure online campaigns by tracking Facebook user demographics across the web. 

This tool for collecting data about people’s online activity could potentially provide better viewer metrics than TV ratings.

That’s because Nielsen OCR will be powered by information provided by Facebook. For instance, if a user comes across an online ad when they’re logged into Facebook – whether they are on the Facebook site itself or another website on the same browser – the information will be collected. 

Facebook will anonymise the data and won’t tell Nielsen that a certain individual has viewed an ad. The information it collects will be purely metric data. 

So the person who viewed the ad will be added to the relevant demographic group based on gender, age bracket, location and so on. 

“The results are astonishingly accurate,” Steve Hasker, Nielsen’s president of media product leadership, said in a recent interview. “This product will be directly comparable to TV ratings, and we can say that with great confidence because we are the big provider of TV ratings. You can think of Facebook as a new Nielsen family.”

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Neil Turner

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