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Wildfire report uncovers Facebook superfans

13 Aug 2012 2:10 BST Back
Wildfire report uncovers Facebook superfans
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A new report uncovers the most valuable Facebook fans for brands; they fall into three categories: joiners (83%), sharers (15.4%) and advocates (1.5%).

Social media management company Wildfire analysed the effect these types of fans have on a brand compared to a “typical” fan in its report How superbrands breed superfans: 6 best practices for 10x greater fan growth

Wildfire found that for every sharer, 14 people learnt about the campaign in their news feed and the top 10% performing brands (dubbed “superbrands”) had double the number of sharers. 

Brands that successfully engage and sharers and advocates see three times more engagement on their page than average brands – in the form of “Likes”, shares and comments. 

Brand advocates bring in an average of 1.3 new people each, so for every 10 advocates a brand gets to join its social campaign a further 13 new people will engage with the brand’s campaign through clicks, entries and other interactions. 

The report also came up with six best practices to encourage Facebook fans to share and advocate a brand. 

1. Use clear call to actions to encourage interactions. Give people precise instructions of what you want them to do “Visit our website” or “Take our survey” for instance. And remember to ask them to share or like your page. 

2. Images, images, images. Adding images will make you stand out in the Facebook Timeline. 

3. Keep your interactions seasonally relevant. The 24/7 nature of the social media cycle allows brands to enhance interactions with users around a hot topic (eg the Olympics or Paralympics). 

4. Mix campaign types and create new offers on a consistent basis. Marketing campaigns that get a lot of entries (eg sweepstakes, giveaways and coupons) are less likely to be shared. 

5. Run multiple engagement applications at a constant rate. Giving users a variety of ways to engage with a brand promotes time spent on the page as well as return on activity. 

6. Extend your reach across a variety of social media platforms. The world’s most talked about brands take their posts, fan interactions and community presence to a variety of networks to court fans and followers. 

Read the DMA Social Media Council's Value of social media report.

Posted by Smarayda Christoforou

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