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Timberland taps into the music festival spirit

20 Jul 2011 12:25 BST Back
Timberland taps into the music festival spirit
Timberland taps into the music festival spirit

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Clothing brand Timberland harnesses the power of music festivals, quite literally, to create an interactive brand experience for revellers.

Sense has created Timberland Earthkeepers Power Camp, an interactive, self-sufficient brand experience. It had its debut at Cornbury Music Festival at the start of July and will be setting up camp at Camp Bestival at the end of the month. 

The experience reinforces and educates consumers about Timberland’s environmental commitment by inviting revellers to run for two minutes on a log roll to power a kettle or jumping on to a bike and using the pedal power to blend a smoothie. 

Consumers are then rewarded with a free hot drink or a smoothie. At the Cornbury Music Festival the stand also had an open air seating area with a vista of the festival area. The stand also had free, mobile charging points. All this activity helps with brand interaction and increases dwell time. 

Sense Group account director Mel Laloou said: “We specifically selected Cornbury and Camp Bestival music festivals for this activity owing to their higher proportion of ABC1 consumers aged 25-44 and their more relaxed, family friendly atmospheres.”

She adds: “At Cornbury, we were blown away by [the audience’s] huge eagerness to take part and fantastic feedback we received.” 

The number of music festivals has soared by over 70% in recent years, making them very attractive to experiential marketers. Attaching a brand to an intense experience like a music festival will – marketers hope – make consumers associate the brand with that experience.

Posted by

Sarah Wright

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