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Tide turns for offshore call centres

13 Jul 2011 3:35 BST Back
Tide turns for offshore call centres

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This week saw Santander join other big brands such as BT and Powergen with its decision to bring its call centres back to the UK. 

The Spanish-owned bank has confirmed that as of this month, UK contact centres will answer all of Santander UK’s 1.5 million monthly customer service calls. 

Santander UK hopes this will help knock it off its number one spot as ‘Britain’s most complained about bank’. As well as serving as a warning to other brands about the importance of customer service (not just sales), it adds weight to a much underestimated direct marketing channel – contact centres. 

Chief executive of Santander UK, Ana Botin said: “Improving the service we offer is my top priority. Our customers tell us they prefer our call centres to be in the UK and not offshore. We have listened to the feedback and have acted.” 

As Russell Parsons, news editor of Marketing Week pointed out earlier this week: “A well-trained, and happy staff add personality to a brand, and make continued custom more likely. In most cases contact through call centres is the only time that customers will ever directly liaise with your company.”

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Posted by

Nicola Carpenter

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