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Sound waves, the next step in mobile marketing?

16 Aug 2012 10:16 BST Back
Sound waves, the next step in mobile marketing?
Person on mobile in supermarket aisle

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Sound waves could soon become an integral part of mobile marketing, delivering automated notifications at precise times and in specific locations. 

Consumers will be able to receive a personalised offer when they enter their favourite coffee shop or an automated thank-you note for watching a film when they come out of the cinema. 

Sonic Notify is a sound-triggered technology that will allow brands to deliver content and personalised recommendations to mobile devices. Jonathan Glanz and Alex Bell started developing the patent-pending technology in 2011. 

Sony Notify is activated by a sound that’s inaudible to the human ear. Companies and brands can incorporate it into in-store radio, TV shows, films, concerts and sporting events. 

Lady Gaga uses Sonic Notify to connect with concert goers, according to Mashable. Fans can vote for an encore song and see exclusive images during the show. 

Supermarkets could use it to push out recommendations and offers to customers when they’re standing by a specific product. 

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou

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