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Social media users hit out at LinkedIn over data

31 Jan 2012 12:23 GMT Back
Social media users hit out at LinkedIn over data
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LinkedIn is the latest company to be caught up in a data privacy row on the internet.

A chain-message is doing the rounds on Twitter and other social media sites warning people about a change in LinkedIn’s data privacy policy

The note reads: “I received the following message from a contact and I am posting it for your awareness and consideration. Without attracting too much publicity, LinkedIn has updated their privacy conditions. Without any action from your side, LinkedIn is now permitted to use your name and picture in any of their advertisements.” 

This comes less than a week after the furore caused by Facebook’s Timeline feature and Google’s changes to its privacy policies

The message comes months after LinkedIn made these changes to its data privacy policy. LinkedIn first use public network information in the summer of 2011 and stopped using photos after users complained. 

However, this hasn’t stopped this issue trending on Twitter, with some people accusing LinkedIn of not doing enough to alert users of changes. 

While LinkedIn’s privacy policy clearly states how it uses your information and how you can change your settings, it isn’t particularly easy to find it. 

The key phrase: “You can control whether LinkedIn uses your name and picture in social ads here” is one of many bullet points in a lengthy LinkedIn privacy policy highlights that most people won’t take the time to read. 

The chain message gives instructions of how to adjust your settings to keep your face out of LinkedIn advertisements. 

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou

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