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Social media rewrites customer relations rulebook

09 Nov 2011 2:54 GMT Back
Social media rewrites customer relations rulebook

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Almost half (46%) of UK consumers believe social media can hold brands and companies to account, according to a new study. 

The study by the Customer Contact Association (CCA) also revealed that 46% of consumers are likely to voice their dissatisfaction through social media.

Yet, a third of organisations polled said they overlook social media completely and over half (62%) admitted they would benefit from a better understanding of what their customers say on social media.

The young, in particular, use social media to talk about their dealings with brands. 

Two-thirds of 16-24 year olds report that they use social media to talk about bad experiences, and 61% discuss positive ones here. 

More than half (59%) of all consumers agreed that brands should use what people say on social media to improve their service.

The study uncovers further gaps between where consumers communicate and how organisations listen. 

Around half (44%) of consumers surveyed, prefer to provide feedback by email or post. However, 65% of organisations surveyed reported that they refer to less than one quarter of the emails they receive for customer insight.

Additionally, contact centre agents’ own notes are largely overlooked – just one third of the businesses surveyed say they regularly refer to these information sources for customer insight.

“We need to apply new intelligent monitoring techniques if we are to prevent valuable insight slipping through the cracks,” says Anne-Marie Forsyth, chief executive, CCA. 

Consumers, particularly younger ones, are far more likely to turn to Facebook than pick up a phone to make their views known. Those that do will stand the best chance of courting and keeping the customers of the future but also the brand ambassadors of the future.”

One Step Closer to Customers – The Challenge of Understanding Multi-Channel Interactions” Survey was conducted via the CCA member organisation database and among 2,029 British consumers aged 16-64. 

Posted by

Nicola Carpenter

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