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Social media helps brands cash in on Valentine’s

15 Feb 2012 3:55 GMT Back
Social media helps brands cash in on Valentine’s
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Valentine’s Day comes just once a year, but estimates from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) show it’s worth a whopping £1.3bn at retail. It’s a day retailers can’t afford to miss, but focusing communications on such a niche event isn’t easy.

Social media is the answer, according to the latest Social Monitor because it allows brands to build intimate, one-to-one relationships with customers. 

The average Valentine’s buyer spends £95.80, men spending slightly more than women. The most popular items are jewellery, flowers, clothes, lingerie, novelty items and cards.

To find out who’s making the best use of social media, social specialist Yomego analysed a group of brands associated with Valentine’s Day. Ann Summers came out on top in the Social Media Reputation (SMR) index, scoring 62.51. 

As part of a campaign to find a ‘real woman’ as the face of Ann Summers, the brand ran its first TV ad, Sexy Uncovered, back in November. 

This generated interest online and offline, feeding through to the announcement of the winner, who then featured in brand communications in the run-up to the Big Day.

Becki Row, general manager, marketing, Ann Summers, told Marketing, “We used social media alongside our launch platform,, to engage with our audience when looking for aspiring models to front our Valentine’s campaign. With more than 240,000 fans on Facebook, we saw huge levels of engagement and an increase in traffic.”

Another brand loving social media is Not On the High Street (NOTHS), a website offering personalised gifts from craft suppliers. The brand launched its TV Valentine’s campaign in January. It followed up with social media to highlight specific products, help customers find what they wanted and prompt feedback and opinions.

Sarah Wilson, head of brand at NOTHS, said the seller community is a big user of forums. “They share advice and feedback and engage with customers – so they hear what customers really want and can answer questions directly.”

Posted by 

Glyn Brown

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