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Snap tag - the new QR code?

05 Dec 2011 3:56 GMT Back
Snap tag - the new QR code?
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The snap tag is being hailed as the new quick recognition (QR) code. It has a lot going for – it’s better looking and is available to all phone users not just those with QR readers on their smartphones. 

A snap tag is a new image-based web tool that allows customers to connect with a brand digitally and join in the brand’s social networks. It is a simple ring encasing a company logo or icon, which makes it easier on the eye than a QR code

Like the QR code you scan the snap tag with a smartphone through a special app. This directs you to promotions, discounts on the brand’s social media page. 

However, it isn’t limited to smartphone users. People with more basic models can access the snap tag by taking a photo of it and sending it via SMS or email to unlock it. 

In a recent blog post, George Guildford, account manager at Punch Communications gives five reasons why more companies will be turning to snap tags. 

He points to the exclusive content snap tags offer consumers. By offering something new and exclusive that is often unavailable elsewhere, they add extra value to the brand’s social media and marketing campaign.

The unlocking element of snap tags adds an interactive and engaging element, bringing advertising features and the overall campaign to life. 

Snap tags are also an innovative and unique marketing tool. They help brands, PR agencies and marketing companies to stand out from the crowd. Guildford points out that with an increasing number of companies now active across sites like Facebook and Twitter, it will always be the companies that remain one step ahead of everyone else in terms of creative and engaging content that will see the most benefit from social media

Snap tags are also the ideal social marketing tool, according to Guildford. They can easily integrate with a company’s social media pages on YouTube or Facebook, and so direct consumers to content across multiple networks. 

The recent success of apps like Instagram and Foursqaure also indicates that there is a growing trend among users to share location-based information and images and integrate the two activities. Guildford says that incorporating an interactive snap tag campaign as part of an overall online PR strategy will provide brands with a perfect way to tap into the latest social media photo-sharing and geo-tagging trends.

Posted by

Neil Turner

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