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Rihanna is new queen of Facebook

15 Jul 2011 2:39 BST Back
Rihanna is new queen of Facebook

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Pop star Rihanna has toppled Lady Gaga off her social media top spot by becoming the most popular female celebrity on Facebook.  

Lady Gaga has long been hailed the queen of social media – she was the first living music artist to get 10 million Facebook fans. She started the year at the top of Facebook’s popular list, with only the late Michael Jackson getting more ‘likes’. 

The fight for supremacy by the two divas is by no means over – Rihanna only has around 20,000 more fans than Lady Gaga. But she is shooting up the Facebook charts, going from just 5,000 fans last summer to 40.5 million today (15 July). She has also overtaken US President Barack Obama on Facebook, who has around 22 million fans. 

Rihanna is now closing in on Facebook No 1 Eminem, and is only three million fans behind him. So the fight for Facebook supremacy continues…

However, whoever wins the popularity contest on Facebook it is social media that is the real winner. 

Posted by 

Sarah Wright

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