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Quality content is key to search and social media success

09 Feb 2012 4:49 GMT Back
Quality content is key to search and social media success
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Search engines are now rewarding quality content over search engine optimisation (SEO) in their results. SEO, which sees keywords in a headline often given more importance in the ranking of story than the content itself, has long been the bane of copywriters and customers. But the renaissance of bespoke content online has begun. 

Google started the ball rolling with its Google's Panda update in 2011 which saw it begin to penalise thin content in its bid to offer customers more personalised and relevant search results. The update uses metrics such as bounce rates and time spent on a page to determine the quality of the article's content. The longer the time spent on the page, the better the content and greater likelihood that it's shared via social media.  

And marketers are taking note. The industry which brings in £880 million to the UK economy is expected to grow by 10% this year. The B2B sector in particular.  With a recent Enquiro white paper revealing that 70% of B2B buyers start looking for a product via a search engine and 75% click on organic search results, it's no surprise that the B2B marketers who took part in the latest Content Marketing Institute survey are allocating 26% of this year's budget to create original content, with 60% spending more than they did in 2011.

"Content marketing is about engaging users with regular pieces of generous information that positions you as an expert, speaks to their priorities and leaves them wanting to find out more," says Sian Barlow, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sticky Content.

"It's also about strategy," says Julia Hutchinson COO of the APA, "of thinking how traditional and social channels can work together to give you and your customer an integrated and effective customer experience. In terms of content we are seeing B2Bs really looking at the area of thought leadership, of owning a topic. A law firm, for example, publishing a White Paper on the impact of particular legislation allows them to showcase their expertise, encourage interaction sharing and debate and gives their customers a deeper and richer brand experience."

Posted by Alison McClintock  

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