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Paid-for and social recommends should work together for better results, says Neilsen

26 Sep 2012 3:32 BST Back
Paid-for and social recommends should work together for better results, says Neilsen
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Consumers trust online reviews of products and recommends by friends much more than they do claims by paid media, new research published by Neilsen has revealed.

Television ads were trusted by only 47% of those polled, while mobile ads fared even worse, with 33% trusting display ads, and 29% trusting marketing texts. In a marked contrast, 92% of the consumers surveyed said they trusted personal recommendations and 70% trusted online reviews.

Neilsen’s global head of advertising solutions, Randall Beard, acknowledged that it wasn’t realistic for brands to put all their money and faith on social delivering their brand message or ROI. He said the time was ripe to think of new ways for social and paid media to work together to achieve greater results.

Beard cited a key example where social and paid for media worked together to increase results. In a Nielsen study in 2011 Facebook ads with social layer, were shown to be more effective than simple Facebook ads without additional layer of engagement.

"Why not build social into your paid advertising (where possible), use your paid ads to drive consumers to your website and optimise your site to drive maximum on or offline purchase? Why not experiment with the myriad ways to engage your customers across the paid (ads), owned (brand websites) and earned (soclal reviews and recommends) continuum", Beard urged.

Posted by Alison McClintock

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