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Online firms missing out at pre-purchase stage

11 Sep 2012 12:55 BST Back
Online firms missing out at pre-purchase stage
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14% of the UK’s top online companies don’t allow pre-purchase registration, according to new research by RedEye. 

These online companies are missing a huge opportunity to engage consumers and improve conversion rates because without pre-purchase registration they can’t send any email communication. 

RedEye’s fifth Behavioural Email Benchmark Study found that from those that allow pre-purchase registration, 60% sent a specific welcome email and 26% sent a general, untargeted form of communication.

Since September 2011, the amount of untargeted email communication has decreased. In 2011, 38% of companies monitored sent some form of untargeted general communication. This has now dropped to 28%.

There are now more companies than ever using behavioural email. The retail sector is in the lead, with 17% of companies allowing pre-purchase registration, sending a basket abandonment email. Both the travel and leisure sector and the insurance sector are not far behind, with 11% of companies within both sectors sending behavioural emails. 

Katie Traynier, marketing manager at RedEye said: “Pre-purchase communication is a key stage of the customer’s email lifecycle. Online subscription is one of the most valuable ways of obtaining data... Pre-purchase triggers such as basket abandonment have achieved conversion rates as high as 17%. It really is surprising more online marketers aren’t taking advantage of such strategies.”

RedEye’s fifth Behavioural Email Benchmark Study looks at the use of pre-purchase communications by nearly 200 online companies across retail, travel and leisure, and insurance sectors. They include,, Miss Selfridge, British Airways, Thomas Cooke and Halfords. Data was collected over July-August 2012, and compares research with results from RedEye’s previous Behavioural Email Benchmark Studies released in March 2012 and September 2011. 

Download the full report.  

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Smarayda Christoforou

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