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New study into tablet ads

22 Jun 2011 12:01 BST Back
New study into tablet ads

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News International and global digital agency WPP have embarked on a new joint research project to study the effectiveness of advertising on tablet devices.

This comes as iPads and other tablet devices become more popular with consumers, and brands seek insights into this form of advertising.
Brand Republic reported that the project was co-funded by a number of WPP clients and the results will be available to them by mid-August this year.

One of the aims of the research is to look at how well ad campaigns on tablets do when compared to traditional media, such as newspapers.

The kind of areas the study will focus on includes consumer dwell time, click-through rates and people’s tolerance to ad volumes on tablets.

Paul Hayes, managing director of News International Commercial, told Brand Republic: “This is the first major piece of research that measures the effectiveness of advertising across both the tablet and newspaper. The project has been co funded by a number of clients and is a reflection of our commitment to this evolving platform.”
Facebook is preparing to launch its first iPad app in the coming weeks, giving brands the chance to dip their toe into advertising on tablet devices.

Earlier this year, Apple cut the minimum purchase price to run campaigns via iAd – its ad format for the iPhone and iPad – by nearly 50% from £615,000 at launch to £325,000.

Posted by Sarah Wright

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