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Mobile failing consumers

14 Jun 2011 12:30 BST Back
Mobile failing consumers

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Mobile is rated the worst channel for quality of customer experience, according to a report by Econsultancy.

Almost half of respondents in the Reducing Customer Struggle report said that the quality of customer experience delivered on mobile is poor.

The report also found that bad user experience is costing online businesses billions in lost revenue as frustrated users abandon sites. A separate study by Tealeaf revealed that 23 per cent of UK online consumers carried out some sort of transaction on their mobile handset, and over three quarters experienced some kind of problem.

This poor customer service reflects a lack of investment in mobile. One in three UK adults now use smartphones and a growing number of people access the internet on their handsets, yet many businesses haven’t kept up with this trend.

Online businesses depend on a good online experience and as mobile commerce (m-commerce) grows the usability of apps and mobile sites will become more important.

A recent study by the DMA/Empirix on mobile shopping supports the findings – it shows that mobile retail capabilities are lagging behind consumer expectations.

Posted by Sarah Wright

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