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Marketers to have their say in new Public Data Corporation

05 Aug 2011 12:41 BST Back
Marketers to have their say in new Public Data Corporation

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Marketers are being invited to give their input to a new government scheme to provide businesses with unprecedented access to swathes of government-held public information.

The call for a public consultation on the government’s plans for a Public Data Corporation (PDC), first announced back in January of this year, will enable marketers to give their views on policy matters relating to charging, licensing and regulation of public sector information produced by the PDC.

A separate consultation on open data on public services will also allow businesses to have their say in how the Government can ensure collection and publication of the most useful data and to determine the Government’s role to stimulate enterprise and market making in the use of open data.

According to Cabinet Office sources, the PDC will, for the first time, bring together Government bodies and data and provide more freely available data at the point of use, year on year within the constraints of affordability. It’s proposed that the PDC will open up new opportunities for businesses and marketers to generate economic growth through the use of data.

Commenting on the launch of the public consultation Business minister Edward Davey said:

“Britain has always been a leader in the global knowledge economy, but now more than ever we need to make the best use of the information and data that we possess to stimulate economic growth.

“A clear data policy for the new Public Data Corporation is a necessary first step, and we want to hear people’s opinions on how it should work.”

Caroline Roberts, director of public and legal affairs for the Direct Marketing Association, welcomed the Government’s announcement:

“These public consultations are the marketing industry’s opportunity to help the Government shape policy on making commercially valuable public information easily available. The DMA will be making a submission on behalf of the industry and I would encourage anyone whose business depends on good quality data to also make their voice heard.”

Marketers have until 27 October to give their responses to the open data consultation and Public Data Corporation consultation.

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