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Lessons in email marketing

26 Jul 2011 4:18 BST Back
Lessons in email marketing

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Over half of people delete email messages within two seconds without ever opening them.

Two new white papers from the DMA Email marketing Council give marketers practical tips on how to ensure their message doesn't go straight to the recycling bin. 

The first (the DMA email creative white paper) looks at 10 common factors that impede the performance of an email marketing campaign and offers advice on how to deal with each one.

While it doesn't have detailed instructions on what to do, it does cover the basics for each area.

From testing and avoiding spam filters to technological issues that affect how a message renders on different platforms and browsers, the paper offers solutions to most common email problems.

It also offers a solution to the problem of images and video, with advice on how to use them without hindering the deliverability or readability of the email.

Personalising an email is one sure-fire way to improve response rates. The paper looks at the potential pitfalls, which could lead to recipients hitting the dreaded spam button and how to avoid this.

One way to show recipients you know them is to send trigger-based emails. The second paper looks at trigger-based email marketing

Advances in technology allow marketers to deliver personalised, relevant emails following 'triggers' such as the birth of a baby or buying a new gadget.

Aligning the content and timing of the message with customers' needs, increases the relevance, response and the ROI from an email campaign.

This short paper outlines the different types of trigger-based campaigns and what email marketers need to be aware of before embarking on one - including permissions, data and frequency.

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Nicola Carpenter


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