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IOC gets set for first social Olympics

23 Jul 2012 12:49 BST Back
IOC gets set for first social Olympics
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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has created an Olympics Athletes’ Hub   to help fans and athletes to connect in what is being dubbed the first social Olympic Games.

Olympic Athletes’ Hub is a search-engine style website that connects fans to the social networking streams of athletes and events on Twitter and Facebook.  

The IOC has also joined forces with Instagram to create Faces of Olympians, a showreel of athlete photos taken throughout the games. 

This follows months of criticism over what is seen as the heavy-handed policy over social media use. In January, we reported that Olympic volunteers faced a social media ban

Athletes have been issued a set of social-media blogging and internet guidelines which replace the blogging guidelines created for the Vancouver Olympic Games.  They include restrictions on photos, videos and Tweets from the Olympic Village as well as the actual events. The official guidelines only allow athletes and fans to use Tweets, blogs and posts in a first-person diary-type format. 

Two Australian swimmers have received a social media ban during the Olympics posting inappropriate photos on social networking sites during a US training trip. The Australian Olympic Committee took action against Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk who posted pictures of themselves carrying guns on Twitter and Facebook. 

Some athletes think the social media rules go too far and could jeopardise their careers. Many athletes see the Olympics as an opportunity to build online followings which make them more attractive to marketers and other businesses that help fund their careers. 

American swimmer Ricky Berens said: “I think the main reason it’s frustrating for us as Olympic athletes is that this is our biggest stage. Twitter and social media are how we can get our word out, and fans kind of want to see what things look like from behind the scenes.”

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Posted by 

Smarayda Christoforou

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