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The Holy Grail of social media marketing?

29 Jul 2011 11:45 BST Back
The Holy Grail of social media marketing?

Also in the news

comScore has launched a social media tool that measures the effect of brand messages on Facebook audiences. 

‘Social Essentials’ allows brands to gauge social media brand impressions and incorporate them into marketing mix measurement. 

Marketers can use it to track the number of fans and friends of fans, analyse their demographic composition and provides information on other brands’ social media audiences. 

Initially, it will only provide global reporting and analysis of audiences exposed to brand messages on Facebook but the online audience metrics company hopes to expand this in the future to include other social media platforms, such as Twitter

According to Linda Boland Abraham, CMO at comScore, many marketers have expressed frustration with the challenge of quantifying the marketing impact of social media

Linda says: “comScore Social Essentials offers an innovative solution to this problem by quantifying paid, earned and owned social media brand impressions… It also enables brands to calculate social media reach, frequency and GRPs so they have the metrics they need to determine their social media ROI.”

Posted by

Neil Turner

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