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Half of UK internet users happy to see online ads

16 May 2012 2:29 BST Back
Half of UK internet users happy to see online ads
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Over half of UK consumers are happy to see online advertising because it supports free online services and content, according to a recent report by IAB UK and ValueClick. And, only one in 10 is willing to pay for advertising-free content. 

The majority of people are in favour of personalised or more relevant advertising online - 55% said they would rather see online advertising relevant to their interests. Six in 10 (59%) would rather see a lower number of relevant ads online than a higher number of less relevant ones.

However, cookies continue to be a concern and a cause for confusion. Four in 10 UK consumers who deleted cookies in the last six months did so without knowing what cookies are and what they’re used for. 

Of the 64% of people who claimed to know what a cookie is, only 57% actually chose the correct definition when given a range of options. 

Six in 10 UK consumers (62%) are concerned about online privacy, but two-thirds (67%) are confident they know how to protect their privacy online – by deleting cookies for instance. Men (57%) are more likely to delete cookies than women (43%). One in five (19%) consumers doesn’t take any steps to manage their privacy online.

Carl White, CEO ValueClick Europe, comments: “This study shows that people are more receptive and open-minded about online advertising than is often reported, but they are also wary and understandably confused about the mechanics of digital marketing and privacy. It is up to us as an industry to communicate how online advertising works and the benefits it delivers more effectively.”

For more on the cookie law, which comes into force on 26 May, see Countdown to cookie compliance on the DMA website. 


Posted by 

Smarayda Christoforou


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