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Google launches its mobile wallet

21 Sep 2011 11:37 BST Back
Google launches its mobile wallet
Google Wallet goes live

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Google has officially rolled out its mobile payment system Google Wallet in the US, following a successful trial in New York and San Francisco earlier this year.

Google Wallet is a near field communication (NFC) application that allows mobile phone users to pay for items by waving their handset in front of a compatible card reader. It works wherever the Mastercard ‘Pay Pass’ is installed. 

The NFC-enabled handset hooks up with MasterCard’s PayPass system, allowing users to link their Citi or MasterCard to the app. Alternatively, they can set up a pre-paid Google Wallet card. 

Google also announced on its company blog on Tuesday 20 September that Visa, Discover and America Express have made their NFC specifications available, which allows their cards to be added to future versions of the app. 

At present, the Sprint Nexus S 4G is the only compatible handset, but more phones are expected to have this capability in the near future. 

What is of particular interest to mobile marketers is that consumers can use Google Wallet to collect and redeem coupons and as a loyalty card system.  

As an incentive, Google has announced that it will give $10 to anyone who sets up a Google Wallet before the end of the year. 

Google Wallet is expected to arrive in Europe sometime in 2012. 

Posted by 

Neil Turner

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