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Fans welcome sponsors’ experiential brand marketing to music festival line-ups

19 Oct 2011 9:52 BST Back
Fans welcome sponsors’ experiential brand marketing to music festival line-ups
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Festival goers have signalled their approval for corporate sponsors’ field and experiential marketing at music festivals, research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and TolunaQuick surveys has revealed.

In a poll of 1,000 18-34 year-old UK music festival goers, two in five (39%) said that they had participated in one or more sponsor-branded activity, such as taking part in competitions, visiting a sponsor’s tent and receiving sponsored merchandise. One in five (21%) said they had been given free product samples.

The results also revealed a high level of support for corporate sponsorship and branded activities, with one in three (34%) saying that they believed its presence has a ‘positive effect’ on their festival experience; just one in eight (13%) said they thought it has a ‘negative effect’. Three in four (76%) said they would not be willing to pay more for their ticket for a festival free of corporate branding.

Brands’ reputations also benefit from their association with festivals, with one in three (34%) saying that it has a ‘positive effect’ on their perception of the brand; just one in 10 (9%) said that it has a ‘negative effect’ on their perception.

Commenting on the findings, Steve Radford, chair of the DMA’s Field Marketing & Brand Experience Council, said the results are positive news for brands looking to connect on an immediate level with young consumers:

“This year, a record one million people attended music festivals in the UK, providing brands with a great opportunity to get up close with huge numbers of consumers through field and experiential marketing activities.

“In spite of the traditional view of brands ‘harming’ the festival experience, we’ve found quite the opposite: festival goers are not only welcoming them, they’re also engaging with them. This is a perfect example of field and experiential marketing finding the right setting in which to connect brands with consumers.”

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