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Facebook Timeline is here, like it or not

30 Mar 2012 11:29 BST Back
Facebook Timeline is here, like it or not
Facebook web page

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All marketers’ pages automatically switched to Facebook’s new Timeline format today (30 March), transforming the look and function of all Facebook business pages overnight. 

The most noticeable change is the design layout with a new billboard style image covering the entire top view of the page.  

Brands that haven’t prepared for the switchover could find that the logos and images on their business don’t fit or are distorted. 

The other main changes are the timeline, which allows brands to present its history along with a “star” and “pin” function that allows brands to choose the stories they want to promote on the timeline. 

Some brands have already made clever use of the new Timeline feature on business pages. White House hopeful Newt Gingrich has devised an anti-Mitt Romney Facebook Timeline

Around eight million brands, including Red Bull, Starbuck and Lexus, have already made the transition to the new format, a Facebook representative told 

The web is full of advice from social media experts about short-term fixes businesses can make to their images while Facebook’s Customizing How Your Page Looks has details of all technical specifications. 

Facebook has general advice about the new Timeline pages to help businesses make the transition. 

There are also some opportunities for brands. For instance, marketers can turn anything posted in Timeline (status update, image, video) into an ad and push it out to people’s newsfeeds.  

However, it does mean that businesses will have to work harder to keep up to date with their customers and fans. Individuals will be able to send messages to page owners so brands will have to monitor their inboxes regularly to ensure messages are answered.  

“Brands cannot survive on Timeline the way they did on the original Facebook layout,” Kara DeLost of digital interactive agency LeapFrog Interactive told Forbes. “The old way of regurgitating press releases and posting links to industry news isn’t going to work.” 

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Smarayda Christoforou

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